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I am currently, and have been for the past long while, writer’s blocked. 

I am trying to launch, a digital art magazine that covers topics like death, addiction, mental illness, etc, and features not just written work but any digital iteration that can be submitted as a tumblr post. 

The goal is to treat these often marginalized, and/or over sensationalized, matters as something normalized so that people dealing with these issues can find a safe space to form a community and express their experiences so they can move forward. 

This is a really important project to me, but I currently am in my own mental block and so I can’t give the project the life I want it to have. It has been sitting on ice for months, and I am trying so very hard for my brain to work so that I could find some outlet for this. 

It really is quite crippling to know your brain isn’t working at top capacity. If my brain worked like this all the time, I could probably be content because I know I am still well functional. But, I know that it is/I am capable of so much more, so it is hard not to feel handicapped when I am in a mental state that I am currently in. 

Writer’s block is a really shitty handicap to have. The mental paralysis. Atrophying. I am trying to exercise it more, get the blood flowing and the feeling back into my brain. This is the start. Let’s hope it becomes something more. 

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